Ensure you get off to the right start with your puppy

Deciding to get a puppy can be very exciting but also a little daunting, especially when there is so much information and conflicting advice on offer.  One of my essential roles is to provide guidance on how to choose the right puppy and how to help your puppy develop into a confident and sociable adult.  Advice can be provided over the phone or as a one to one visit in your home.


We can discuss the family's current circumstances and future plans when considering the breed of the puppy.

Look at the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure that all the important preparations are in place.

Visits can be arranged soon after you collect your puppy to deal with any concerns and ensure you get off to the right start.

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The puppy advice also covers common circumstances, such as puppies who are introduced into households where there is an older dog.  This often works very well and gives the older dog a new lease of life, however the puppy may be too much for the older dog and management advice may be required.  Puppies also tend to become reliant on the presence of the older dog and problems can arise when the older dog passes away.  Ensuring the puppy is independent and habituated to being left alone is therefore essential. 


Training Workshops

Training and CPD

Behaviour Articles

"As you know I was rather sceptical of your training methods when we first sought your help. I now understand that if we had pursued a different course of a more confrontational type of training, there would have been a serious risk of her behaviour getting worse, not better!  Tilly has now turned away from being a nervous rescue dog, to becoming a delightful family pet. Mr and Mrs Bradshaw". 

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"I would have no hesitation in recommending Alison. Her knowledge, people skills and communication with all aspects has been brilliant."

Fiona Louise Wall BMVS BSC MRCVS

“We have had excellent feedback from our clients regarding Alison’s advice and care for their pets.  Her advice is practical, transparent and tailored to the individual animals welfare and client’s needs”. Catherine Meakin, BVSc MRCVS, Silverton Vets.