Common Questions

Can I fix your pet's behavioural problems?

A Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist can provide advice based on their expertise, experience and training.  They cannot however “fix” the problem like you can a broken computer.  You must therefore be prepared to implement the behaviour modification programme under the guidance of your behaviourist.  

What is the difference between a behaviourist and a trainer?

Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourists have academic knowledge of ethology and learning theory.  Through the scientific application of learning theory they are able to modify the behaviour of animals, taking into consideration individual differences, circumstances and the dynamics of the human-animal relationship. Trainers usually have a wide-ranging set of skills in training, typically working with issues such as failing to come when called or pulling on the lead. 

Is the process going to involve a lot of time?

For the best chance of success the treatment will require a lot of time and commitment from all members of the family. 


12 months follow up support is provided to offer help and encouragement throughout the treatment process with the option to have follow up visits if required.


Training Workshops

Training and CPD

Behaviour Articles

"As you know I was rather sceptical of your training methods when we first sought your help. I now understand that if we had pursued a different course of a more confrontational type of training, there would have been a serious risk of her behaviour getting worse, not better!  Tilly has now turned away from being a nervous rescue dog, to becoming a delightful family pet. Mr and Mrs Bradshaw". 

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"I would have no hesitation in recommending Alison. Her knowledge, people skills and communication with all aspects has been brilliant."

Fiona Louise Wall BMVS BSC MRCVS

“We have had excellent feedback from our clients regarding Alison’s advice and care for their pets.  Her advice is practical, transparent and tailored to the individual animals welfare and client’s needs”. Catherine Meakin, BVSc MRCVS, Silverton Vets.